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"ZHEN HUA 29", the special vessel which is carrying 3 of the latest technology Super Post Panamax Cranes, which will be installed in the East Pier II, arrived at Piraeus and berthed in the facilities of Piraeus Container Terminal S.M.S.A.
The discharging process of the Quay Cranes will take about 4 days and it requires excellent know-how and high precision coordination of the operations for their safe unloading. The manufacturer entrusted the handling to a Greek Technical company.
PCT continues its high investments and its ambitious expansion program for a Container Terminal with very modern terminal equipment and infrastructure in order  to increase further the capacity and the productivity of the Terminal and to serve its Customers’  needs even better.
The new Quay Cranes were built by ZPMC in China and have the ability to serve ships with a width of up to 22 rows of containers.
According to the plan, it is expected to be commissioned by the end of August, replacing the older & smaller Quay Cranes 4, 5 and 6, while the  larger Quay Cranes 19 & 20 (24 rows) will be transferred to West Pier II to serve vessels that will be berthed there with a larger carrying capacity of 20 thousand containers.
Thus, Pier II will have a total of 9 Quay Cranes in East Side that will quickly serve vessels with a capacity of up to 10,000 containers, while in  West Side will have in total 8 Quay Cranes, with the 6 of them being among the largest cranes in the world and who can simultaneously serve the Ultra Large Vessels of 20,000 Containers of our Customers.
In addition to the above, there is an ongoing reconstruction of Pier II infrastructure with the purchase and installation of 4 more e-RTGs (dense stacking cranes) that will increase the annual capacity of Pier II by 300,000 containers and a total PCT S.A. terminal’s annual capacity to 6.5 million containers.
When the installation will be completed, the Piraeus Container Terminal will have 30 Quay Cranes; 22 of them being the largest Quay Cranes in the world of the latest generation (22 - 26 Rows) and 71 of the most modern yard cranes of high dense stacking RMGs and RTGs.
All of them run exclusively on electricity and their use is entirely environmentally friendly, proving in practice the Environmental sensitivity of the Company's Management.
According to a recent statement by the head of PCT S.A., Captain Wang Jihang:
"The purchase of these new Quay Cranes shows our commitment to the Port of Piraeus, the International Shipping Community and all local trade companies, of import-export and the transport sector, to strengthen the role of the port of Piraeus as the largest transshipment and freight hub in the Mediterranean.
The new Quay Cranes and the new terminal equipment will strengthen Piraeus and PCT as the most efficient and modern HUB and gateway in the area, with the ability to operate the largest mega vessels of our Customers.
At the same time, this development goes beyond a positive message to the big shipping companies that use Piraeus as their HUB in the Mediterranean, shows the Company's practical intention for even faster service of local cargo and all supply chain members."

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