Security Policy

The policy of PCT S.A. at the New SEMPO terminal is to ensure a safe working environment by taking steps and complying with the measures necessary to prevent hostile unlawful actions which might jeopardize the safety and protection of people, of the port facility’s assets and of the vessels that arrive to the terminal. The New SEMPO terminal guarantees its commitment to security measures and declares that all operations made within the premises by the terminal staff will be efficiently monitored to ensure compliance with the requirements of ISPS code. 

We also commit to: 

  • React immediately to any threat and vulnerability noted by the security assessment study carried out in the terminal.
  • Comply with the regulations of Greek and International legislation concerning maritime safety.
  • Protect and guarantee the security of employees, visitors, the terminal and its equipment, the cargoes and vessels located at the premises.
  • Support the Port Facility Security Officer in fulfilling his/her duties and     responsibilities.
  • Cooperate with the competent Authorities and comply with their instructions.
  • Promote the personnel’s information in security issues.
  • The Security Policy targets will be achieved: 
  • Through integrated training of the terminal personnel.  
  • Through regular internal controls and efficiency rating of the procedures and the Security Plan, so that it is constantly updated and improved. 

All employees should participate in this effort and be familiar with their respective security duties and the necessary measures for the protection of the port facilities against any hostility and unlawful action. 

In any case of life-threatening event, 

the safeguarding of life is our first and outmost priority. 

The present Security Policy shall be revised whenever deemed necessary, in order to guarantee the correctness and efficiency of the relevant instructions and procedures and to ensure that it shall achieve the goals set.

The CEO of PCT S.A.

Date: 31st of December 2010