AEO-Authorized Economic Operator

The status of «Authorized Economic Operator» (AEO) entered into force in all member states as from 1st of January 2008. AEOs shall benefit from:

Simplifications provided for by the customs rules; and / or

Facilitations with regard to customs controls related to security and safety.

“Economic operator” means a person who, in the course of his business, is involved in activities covered by customs legislation.

“Authorized economic operator” can be defined as an economic operator who is reliable throughout the Community in the context of his customs related operations, and, therefore, is entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the Community, depending on the type of the AEO certificate obtained.

AEO benefits

  • fewer physical and document – based controls;
  • priority, if consignments are selected for control;
  • option of the place where controls will take place;
  • easier admittance to customs simplifications
  • reduced data for summary declarations
  • prior notification
  • indirect benefits (benefits that are not directly linked to the customs side of his business, i.e. fewer cases of theft, fewer delayed shipments, improved planning, etc.);
  • improved relations with the customs authorities;
  • recognized as a secure and safe business partner;
  • mutual recognition.